The Fixed Lifting Beam is designed to lift loads with single or multiple attachment points. They act as crossbeams, creating the necessary spacing for the hooks or chains that carry loads such as bundles, rollers or machinery.

The beams are robustly engineered for heavy duty application to meet the high requirements of steel- and paper mills or distribution- and service centers.
At the lateral ends of the lifting beam, for example, rotary swivel hooks or other attachment points can be provided to accommodate additional loads. The addition of magnets is also possible.

The suspension in the middle is compatible with standard crane hooks. Customised suspensions are available on request.


Available options

  • On request, beams can be equipped with different suspension attachments to transport additional loads
  • Three- or four point beams
  • Loose slings such as belts, chains or ropes
  • Customized beams of any type and size

Pictures of some options

Fixed lifting beam with 2 magnets for billets

  Fixed lifting beam with 2 magnets

Lifting beam for the transport of ringshells
Cap. 300 t
  Lifting beam for special application


Technical Data Sheets

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