Hupender Cap.33t     

The Hydraulic Coiltilter Hupender is designed to lift and tilt coils, capable of upending them from the horizontal to the vertical position and vice-versa.
The hupender is robustly engineered for heavy duty application to meet the high demands of steel- or rolling mill. The crane operator controls the entire lifting and tilting process from the crane cabin. The hydraulic cylinders are actuated by a central located, well protected hydraulic unit. The electrical circuit to the control box is carried out by plug-in connection. This enables quick removal of the tong from the crane.

The suspension is compatible with standard crane hooks. It has a fixed bolt for a free hook lead-in, thus no ground personnel is needed.
Customised suspensions are available on request.


Available Options

  • Rotation unit
  • Customised suspensions are available on request
  • Suspension for a free hook lead-in, thus no ground personnel is needed
  • Electro-mechanical end limit switch for minimum and maximum opening of the tong
  • Through beam sensor for coil eye detection
  • Remote control of the tong
  • Electrical reset for a fully automatic lifting operation
  • Safety device in the event of a hydraulic pressure loss

Pictures of some options

Hupender in horizontal
position Cap. 35 t

Technical Data Sheets

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