material handling at harbours  

The Motorized Sheet Lifter from Heppenstall Technology is designed to handle sheet packs in flat position.

To lift sheet packs the lifting legs are moved out sufficiently to clear the pack to be lifted. Then the sheet lifter is lowered over the sheet pack until the lifting angles can grip under the pack.

The lifting arms can be closed until they move against the sides of the sheet. To unload the lifter the operator must simply reverse the process.


Available Options

  • Rotating Unit
  • Electro mechanical end limit switch for min/max opening of tong
  • Lateral mechanical limit switch
  • Load presence indicator switch in lifting shoes
  • Manually operated end grabs
  • Motorized end grabs
  • Suspension for free hook leading
  • Retractable lifting angles
  • Lateral adjustment of lifting arms

Pictures of some options

material handling at harbours        material handling at harbours
Motorized sheet lifter with adjustable and
fixed tong arms.
  Motorized sheet lifter with adjustable and fixed tong arms.

Benefits & Advantages

  • All tongs are individually designed and calculated
  • Provision of grease nipples at each movement point
  • Engineering and manufacturing in accordance with international standards (CE, ISO, UW, OSHA) ROSTEKHNADZOR permission
  • Minimum inherent weight of the tong
  • Long working life of the tongs
  • A state-of-the-art product according to international Standards

Technical Data Sheets

Contact us and we will send you the Motorized Sheet Lifter technical Data Sheets.