Hydraulic Billet Tong with Safety Device Cap. 15t


The Hydraulic operated Billet Tong is designed to lift either one or several billets simultaneously. The tongs are robustly engineered for heavy duty application to meet the severe demands of steel mills. The lifting legs can be hydraulically activated. The crane operator controls the entire lifting process from the crane cabin.
The tong is operated by an electric driven hydraulic system, mounted on the tong. The preposition of the scissors is hydraulically actuated. The electrical circuit to the control box is carried out by plug-in connection. This enables quick removal of the tong from the crane. The suspension assembly is designed to accommodate standard crane hooks.
The standard suspension is fixed by pull pins. Customised suspensions produced on request.

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Available options

  • Rotating unit
  • Suspension custom-made
  • Suspension for free hook leading - no floor personnel required
  • Electrical fittings
  • Radio control for the tong
  • Electrical provisions for fully-automatic lifting process
  • Height adjusting tables (manual, motorized)
  • Hydraulic operated safety rotating flippers

Pictures of some options

Billet Tong with Adjustable Table            Hydraulic Billet Tong Cap. 300t
Billet Tong with Adjustable Table   Hydraulic Billet Tong Cap. 300 t
Hydraulic Billet Tong with Safety Device Cap. 15t    automatic billet tong
Hydraulic Billet Tong with Safety Device Cap. 15 t   Automatic Billet Tong

Technical Data Sheets

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