Magnet for Scrab Handling


Heppenstall Magnets
are versatile, compact, easy to operate and are designed for applications such as handling of plates, slabs, plate packages, strip- and wire coils, bundles of rebar, beams, billets, rails, tubes and more.

Our magnets are commonly used in steel mills, foundries, by coil and pipe distributors, at scrap- and shipyards, loading docks, in warehouses, and by many other uses.
Standard features of our magnets are: high holding force, low deadweight, 75% Duty Cycle and temperature durability meeting insulation class C.

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Videos & Pictures of some options

Slab Tilting with Magnet
Video Slab Turnover by Magnet Slab Tilting with Magnet
Magnet for Coil Handling

Magnet Beam featuring a special rotation
mechanism for parallel alignment of magnets
      Magnet with Battery Backup and Safety Device Cap.15t
Magnet beam for handling of packages of bars,
pipes, profiles, etc, equipped with a special
rotation mechanism
  Magnet with Battery Backup and Safety Device

Magnet for Slab Handling Cap.35t   Magnet for Scrab Handling
Magnet for Slab Handling Cap. 35 t   Magnet for Scrap Handling
WOKO Heavy Duty Magnets    

Technical Data Sheets

Contact us and we will send you the Magnet technical Data Sheets, please specify which Type of Magnet.