material handling at harbours     

The Hydraulic Operated Slab Tong from Heppenstall Technology is able to lift either one or several slabs simultaneously.

The lifting arms are pre-positioned before the lowering the tong onto the slab until the base of the tong contacts the surface of the slab. At this point the hydraulic system for closing the lever is actuated again.

After transferring the slabs to their destination and placing them on a solid surface, the lifting arms can be hydraulically retracted allowing a 5 to 10 cm clearance.


Available options

  • Rotating unit
  • Height adjusting table
  • For single and multiple slabs
  • Safety device

Videos & Pictures of some options

       material handling at harbours
Video Hydraulic Slab Tong with Safety Device

  Hydraulic operated slab tong for ship loading Cap. 40 t
material handling at harbours
Hydraulic operated slab tong with mechanical safety device

Benefits & Advantages

  • The tong opening can be preselected by crane driver reducing handling time
  • Tong height is the same at mini and maxi opening
  • Provision of grease nipples at each movement point
  • All tongs are individually designed and calculated
  • Engineering and manufacturing in accordance with international standards (CE, ISO, UW, OSHA) ROSTEKHNADZOR permission
  • Not necessary to make full stroke as on the automatic slab tong
  • Long working life of the tongs
  • A state-of-the-art product according to international Standards

Technical Data Sheets

Contact us and we will send you the Hydraulic Operated Slab Tong technical Data Sheets.