The Automatic Vertical Coil Tong (VCT) Double Grip Type - is designed to lift coils in a vertical (eye-to-sky) position.
The tong is robustly engineered for heavy duty application to meet the severe demands of steel- and aluminium rolling mills.

The crane operator controls the entire lifting process from the crane cabin, by placing the cone into the center of the coil. By raising the tong, the cone and both gripping shoes clamp the coil automatically.
The suspension assembly is designed to accommodate standard crane hooks. The suspension is fixed by pull pins. Customized suspensions on request.


Available Options

  • Suspension custom-made
  • Suspension for free hook leading - no floor personnel required.
  • Adjustable outer shoe
  • Anti-scuffing device with wear plates

Pictures of different Types

Vertical Coil Tong with Anti-Scuffing System Cap.34t          Vertical Coil Tong with Anti-Scuffing System Cap.21t 
Vertical Coil Tong with Anti-Scuffing Cap.34t   Vertical Coil Tong without anti-Scuffing Cap.21t
Tong for handling Coils in horizontal position or vertical Coils on palettes with Safety Device to prevent sliding of Vertical Coils from the palette

   Vertical Coil Tong Cap.25t
Tong for handling coils in horizontal position or vertical
coils on palettes with Safety Device to prevent 
sliding of coils from the palette
  Vertical Coil Tong Cap.25t with maintenance stand

Vertical Coil Tong double rim gripping Cap.30t   Vertical Coil Tong Cap.30t

Video Vertical Coil Tong with Anti Scuffing at Work

Video Coil Transfer System

Video Coil Transfer Carrier

Technical Data Sheets

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