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Heppenstall Technology AG and the subsidiary company WOKO are market leaders in the design and manufacture of Heavy Material Handling Equipment and Automated Systems for the Steel and Aluminium Industries through the world.

The affiliated company SERBOT AG produces mobile robot systems for cleaning solar panels and building facades.

We have accumulated a vast knowhow in engineering and development of high tech machinery. The global distribution network enables us to provide outstanding products and services to fulfill the demanding needs of our international customers.


Year 2012

SERBOT AG in Buochs, Switzerland, becomes part of the Heppenstall Technology AG group. SERBOT is specialized in the design and manufacturing of robot systems for the cleaning of solar panels and glass buildings.www.serbot.ch

Year 2009

Heppenstall Technology AG acquires WOKO Magnet- und Anlagenbau GmbH in Duisburg, Germany. and expands the material handling products range into the field of magnetic lifting devices. www.woko.de

Year 2006

A branch office in Serbia, Europe, opens to cater for the growing demand of lifting devices in this region.

Year 2005

A generation change happens at Heppenstall and the company gets rebranded: Heppenstall Technology is born.

Year 1993

A branch office in Czech Republic, Europe opens.

Year 1979

The ownership of Heppenstall Designs and Manufacturing Knowledge of Lifting Device gets transferred to Heppenstall Europe.

Year 1969

The manufacturing facility of Heppenstall Europe is commissioned.

Year 1960

Heppenstall Europe becomes established in Switzerland.

Year 1889

The company Heppenstall is formed by Sam Heppenstall in Pittsburg, USA. In the first years, the company focuses on tool-steel manufacturing. Sam Heppenstall develops his first heavy-duty lifting device.