material handling at harbours       

Container Spreader equipped with a Magnet Beam holding two or several magnets with a fixed or chain-type suspension.
The magnet beam can be mounted to a standard spreader - a unique solution to handle billets, plates, sheets etc. quickly and safely.
The magnet beam is ideally supplied with an integrated power supply unit (PSU).
To meet different requiremts of our customers, other options of power supply from the carrier vehicle, even hydraulic driven PSU are also available.


Pictures of some options

material handling at harbours  
Magnet Beam for suspension by Container Spreader equipped
with two rectangular magnets and independent power-supply

  Magnet Beam with suspension for Container Spreader
equipped with 3 rectangular magnets optimized for
the handling of steel slabs, plates or billets
Magnet beam for Container Spreader equipped with magnets
including an independent fuel-powered power-supply for
handling of e.g. plates and sheets


Technical Data Sheets

Contact us and we will send you the Spreader Magnet Beam technical Data Sheets.