Coil Tilter Cap.30t    

The Tilting Table is designed to rotate coils/ingots and other non-ferrous coils trough 90°. The rugged construction is designed to meet the various industrial applications.
The two segments of the cradle are shaped differently for positioning the load in its verticaland/ or horizontal position, in order to lift or pick-up for further processing.
Drive is provided either by electric or hydraulic means. The movement of the cradle is controlled by limit switches.

The tilting table can bear almost any heavy loads in line with customer’s specifications. The table enables heavy duty handling of various loads quick, easy and safe thus reduces the risk of accidents when turning large and heavy loads considerably.


Available Options

  • Floor mounted stationary type
  • Mobile version transported by fork lifter
  • Electrical- or hydraulic drive unit
  • Load presence switches
  • Protection plates made of Ertalon/Secutex

Pictures of different Types

Coil Tilter Cap.30t   Coil Tilter Cap.30t  
Coil Tilter Cap.30t      Coil Tilter Cap.30t  
Motorized Coil Tilter Cap.15t   coil tilter  
Motorized Coil Tilter Cap.15t    Coil Tilter Cap. 40t  
Tilting Table      
Ingot tilting table Cap.300t      

Video Tilting Table Cap. 300t

Technical Data Sheets

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