The C-Hooks provide a simple, economical choice for Coil Handling. They are engineered with design flexibility to meet the various specific requirements of the customers operating environment.
A counter balance weight ensures the hook to hang level in unloaded condition. The tapered lower carrying arm enables easy entry into the coil and simultaneously reduces damage of the coil. The crane operator controls the entire lifting process from the crane cabin, by simply inserting the lower leg into the center of the coil.

The suspension assembly is designed to accommodate standard crane hooks and is fixed by pull pin.
Customized suspensions on request.


Available Options

  • Motorized Rotating unit
  • High temperature application
  • Two- and three leg design
  • C-Hooks for palettes
  • Digital load weighing system
  • Coil edged protection plate
  • Anti-scuffing devise
  • Storage stand (recommended for safety)
  • Suspension custom-made
  • Suspension for free hook leading - no floor personnel required.

Pictures of different Types

c-hook        C-Hook Cap.28t
C-Hook with wall protection Cap.7t   C-Hook with rotating unit Cap.28t
c-hook   c-hook cebra
C-Hook with wall protection Cap.37t.   C-Hook Cap. 40t
C-Hook for palettes    

Technical Data Sheets

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