The Fix Lifting Beam is designed to lift loads with single, or multiple attachment points. They act as crosspieces for spacing the hooks, or the chains that hold loads; such as bundles, rolls, or machineries.

The beams are robustly engineered for heavy duty application to meet the severe demands of steel- and paper mills, or distribution- and service centers.

The top single lifting point is designed to accommodate standard crane hooks, fixed by a pull pin or by swivel hook at the ends of the beam.
Customized suspensions on request.


Available Options

  • Suspension custom-made; the beam may be equipped with various kinds of suspensions such as sheave blocks with a straight connection to the crane trolley
  • Three- or four point beams
  • Loose slings, chains, ropes
  • Customized lifting beams with special capacity and length etc.

Pictures of different Types

Fixed beam with 2 magnets for hot billets

  Fixed beam with 2 magnets

Beam for shell hanger Cap 300 t   Lifting beam for special application


Technical Data Sheets

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